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If you are responsible for sketching out the classic military watches from memory, you are most likely to start with the brand's bold two-color V-shaped text mark, you may draw a black oversized case around it, this is a texture Sharp polymer bezel, some syringe-shaped hands with a circle of glowing sputum before completing the dial - this is all the logo of the brand's original Navy SEAL watch. About 25 years later, the brand's latest development of SEAL watches remains unchanged - the third-generation tool watch is shared with the core DNA of the first generation of top-class classic military watches, and the watch was reintroduced by the Navy SEALs '92, Thanks for the occasional meeting with the US Navy SEAL officials at an outdoor equipment show. The Ur industry always has space, high-definition watches. While the Victorinox Swiss Army Fieldforce series may not surprise anyone, it's hard to criticize their ability to be a tool watch. This release adds three new headers. The extended product is a choice between a leather strap or a metal strap that allows the new look to reach six. This classic military watch is priced at $45. Although this is very reasonable (compared to the many luxury watches we often measure), the basic cost of the watch increases by nearly 13% ($350, excluding tax) when equipped with a leather strap. . In my opinion, the most handsome style is the (very slight) blue dial on the tan leather strap. For some reason, this is exactly what I imagined when the Swiss army was wearing a watch (with matching leather pants) while guarding the cows, waiting for someone to attack them so they could jump in action (oh, armed neutrality). The bracelet makes this classic mens military watches not so simple and professional. Perhaps the best model with a steel strap is the black dial version. This gives the watch a more subtle and colder personality. Form following function Taking into account its price point, the Victorinox Fieldforce series includes a number of features in the package. The date/date feature is very useful and it is not easy to tell the time of this watch. The large Arabic numerals are raised from the dial and are equipped with a lot of help from Super-LumiNova, as well as hour and minute hands. The second hand is known as "Victorinox Red" and nods to the Swiss Army Knife through the sharp balance of the famous shank. The brand is better known. Regarding the hand ratio, all three are excellent. The hour hand completely faces the glowing triangle, replacing the 3 o'clock number (although not touching it), the minute hand touches the lower end of the minute track, and the second hand extends until it ends. From an established, if very entry-level brand bracelet is less than $400, this is really a promising one. This exquisite classic military watches is close to the series, and the numbers are reminiscent of the Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss that we have reviewed in the past. In proportion, the 42mm stainless steel, analog quartz Victorinox Swiss Army Fieldforce series is not much different from the more expensive TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph. Despite the quartz movement, the use of sapphire crystal and the guarantee of 100m water resistance means that this is a well-built, affordable luxury brand alternative. Each model in the Victorinox Swiss Army Fieldforce watch line retails for $350 before leather tax and $395 before the bracelet. Learn more at

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