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Press “MODE” twice to display the alarm digital classic watches setting screen, press “ST / STOP”, the corresponding number is increased by 1, long press “ST / STOP”, the numbers are added one by one, released, stop when released Press the “RESET” button to switch between the hour and minute settings; the hours will cycle between 0 and 23, The digital classic outdoor watches minutes will cycle between 00 and 59; after setting, press “MODE”. Returns the display time. Set time, date, week: Press “MODE” three times to display the time setting. First set the second one. At this time, press "ST / STOP" and the number of seconds will be zero. Each time you press “RESET”, switch seconds, minutes, hours and days respectively. , month, week, when setting minutes, hours, days, months, weeks, press "ST / STOP", the corresponding number plus one, minutes between 00~59, hours between 0~23, date is 1 Between ~31, the month is between 1 and 12; some tables are set to hours, when it is 23, then press "ST / STOP", it will be converted to a 12-hour system display, corresponding to the "AM" before the hour . , "PM", the difference between morning and afternoon; after the setting is completed, press "MODE" to return to display time. Although digital watches can always do more than tell time, they often lack some nuances in design. Fast forward to 2017, digital time meters not only upgraded their high-tech gimmicks, but also catered to design challenges. Unlike their classic analog counterparts, they have the success of taking advantage of the two worlds; smart, sophisticated shapes and state-of-the-art technology. Stylish vintage pieces can decorate you in the office or after work, while a more sporty design will help you with a sturdy outdoor adventure. Which way do you prefer, we collect the best digital watches for men to assist with your decision making process. One of the first solar watches in its class to use touch screen sensors. These will guide you through the digital classic square watches 20 different features including weather forecast, altimeter, dual time zone and compass. The T-Touch expert's high-end technology is coated with a titanium casing and sealed with a scratch-resistant sapphire glass. A variety of straps, including silicone, leather or titanium, allow you to personalize your model to your liking. Designed for outdoor use, this sports watch features a stylish black body and a large digital display that keeps you informed of altitude, air pressure, temperature and time. The weather indicator not only indicates the sunrise setting, but also has a sensitive storm warning sensor that detects a drop in air pressure and notifies its wearer.

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