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It is often said that watches and wedding rings are the only jewels for men, and the watch world seems to cater to men. Of course, there are many ladies classic watches, but they are often classified as “fashion watches” and don't pay much attention to technical strength, leaving impressive movements and techniques in the catalogue of top ladies classic watches. Well, to reverse this trend, Franck Dubarry announced the launch of the Crazy Wheel, a mechanical beast with gems and built-in 360-degree flying. Reef Tiger pioneered the creation of a unique combination of materials and design in the Crazy Wheel men's collection, which brings many of the same principles to the women's collection. For the original product, Reef Tiger released four variants that use the same core design. The white ladies classic watches features a 43 mm case with a 50 mm lug on the lugs and is made of lightweight titanium. 36 diamonds are set around the titanium bezel. For the dial, Dubarry offers mother-of-pearl in a variety of colors and styles, engraving, round brushed finishes or engine flip finishes. As for the strap option, the watch is equipped with an "Elastogator" strap and a rubber strap with a crocodile print.

The design of the ladies classic watches is mainly around the movement design. For the Crazy Wheel, Dubrarry is using the CW01 automatic movement developed and manufactured by Dubarry. The movement has 33 jewels, 28,800 rpm and 38 hours of power reserve - but that doesn't make it cool. This movement has a flybridge that allows the hour hand to remain in a fixed horizontal position while still maintaining time. Thanks to the partially hollowed out dial, you will receive the front seats of this mechanical exhibition. Wheel women's collection still has a lot of clichés, including gems, mother-of-pearl, etc., Franck Dubarry offers a very fascinating mechanical aspect for these watches. For the target market, it may be 43 mm, but this exquisite ladies classic watches will undoubtedly make a statement. Such a watch so far my cab (and sex), but I like to see things like this. The women's collection is usually classified as a basic quartz movement, just like the carrier of gold and precious stones. Obviously, the crazy wheels are still inlaid with diamonds, but this is not the most interesting aspect. I bet many potential buyers will find themselves more interested in the mechanism of the watch, not just the number of stones. . Pricing and availability details have not been announced, but please consider the large price tag for this series of specifications. Learn more about

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