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Reef Tiger's stylish classic watches - tell me that 6 o'clock is not a refreshing sight! Don't get me wrong, I like good wines from Germany or Switzerland, but we always welcome you to classic styles. In the MAT (Merck Air Fishing Village) sea, land and air Escadron ("Squadron" in English) is an obvious French watch that is recognized as a pilot watch at a glance, but in its one of what modern aviator watches can be interpreted uniquely. As the watch manufacturer of the French elite police force, Escadron is persistent, aggressive, but hidden. Quick Google search for "French RAID".... Yeah, these guys are very bad. It is appropriate that MAT watches match the personality of their customers. In 2007 ounded, MAT does have in-house design, prototyping, R&d, manufacturing and quality control. Even the shoulder straps are made in the brand's Paris studio, and the leather is from France. Yes, the MAT watch is throughout France. As one of the few independent French watchmakers today, the brand started as a classic military watches for French special forces and has always been closely aligned with the police and the military. Of course, in order to wear a MAT watch, you don't need to wear a Kevlar vest or a ghillie suit, but it's nice to know that the watch fits. Designed for modern pilots, the stylish classic military watches features a PVD bronze coating that avoids reflections in the cockpit and displays minutes at 5 minute intervals for easy time measurement in flight. The 12-hour baffle can be quickly There are no dedicated GMT features for tuning to multiple time zones. Overkill? Of course, but this is the point. Let's take a look at how this first-of-a-kind pilot watch works everyday when planting land.

The Escadron case series is the MAT brand. When viewing the watch from above, the most distinctive feature of the brand range is the wide pitch and angular 24 mm lugs. In fact, the lugs are a perfect example of why our reviewers at aBlogtoWatch have been wearing the watches we reviewed for weeks or even months. At first, I was not a fan of the broad lugs. Most of the time, I feel grumpy about the fact that my aftermarket belts are not suitable. (I really want to see this on the green NATO.) But after wearing this mens stylish classic watchese for a few weeks, I realized that its charm and personality are largely directly from the table with a large spacing. ear. Even with a 22 mm lug width makes it easier to find the aftermarket belt, it also changes the unique case shape and loses je ne sais quoi. The case itself is made of PVD coated stainless steel in dark metallic tones. PVD is well applied and can complement the aggressive aesthetics of the watch. The case is angled, with minimal bevel and a spiral crown, sturdy, easy to grip and silky smooth. This sleek classic watch has a height of 13.5 mm and won't feel bulky or tall. A double-dome sapphire crystal with AR and a waterproof function of 200 meters have been added. The sound function of the case is first and foremost the same sound, but different languages ​​such as Sinn or Damasko. Drilled hole detailing is a popular add-on feature that makes belt replacement a breeze. Flip the case with the MAT logo and peripheral specifications on the back of the case. Straightforward, nothing special. The 12-hour border is one-way, with 120 clicks, excellent action, no playback. I am a fool of copper numbers (think Sinn and Bell & Ross), so the font selection on the bezel was found in my book, and the red triangle at 12 adds a nice color. Lume on the border number is welcome, especially since there are no bright spots on the triangle, but this is a pilot watch, not a diver, so the lack of a bezel is not unusual.

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